Ch. Nobility Rock´n Royal Blue

IK: 1,758   AVK: 83,33

Ch. No-Nonsense´s Fredrikson

Ch. River Bell`s Sebastian

Ch. Lord Lennon of Pribardom

Ch. River Belle«s Noble Neil


Babbacombe Barney«s Gipsy Rose


River Belle«s No-Nonsense

Ch. First Grey Rinty of Pribardom


Ch. Beardie Connections Knock-Out


Ch. No-Nonsense«s Zuperzayn

Ch. No Nonsense«s Sundance

Wsgr.Ch. Charncroft Caleb


River Belle«s O`Noche


Thuja vom Schavolliehof

River Belle«s Quesus


Beardie Connections Regina


Ch. Nobility From Zandy With Love

Moonspell Motivation

Vilmorin Dramatisation

Ch. Desborough Dramatist at Allhiker


Vilmorin Just Imagine


Allhikers Joyance with Moonspell

Pipadene Impulse


Vilmorin Felicitation by Allhiker


Ch. Nobility Zinderella Zandy

Wsgr.Ch. Charncroft Caleb

Charncroft Cloverglen


Charncroft Copper Surprise


Ch. Glamour Gladys the Nobility

Ch. Beach Boy the Nobility


Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom