Jch.Nobility King Of My Heart

ZBrH:19500 AVK:93,3 IK: 0,39

Ch. Nobility Alamo Bay

Babbacombe Chequers

Ch. Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe

Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards

Ch. Chriscaro Chianti

Gildenmede Goodnight Girl

Moonhill Knight of the Stars

Ch. Gildenmede Ghiselle

Nobility Hurdy the Highness

Ch. Dearbolt Christopher Robin

Ch. Orora`s Impetuosity

Dearbolt Lady Cordelia

Ch. Easy Expression the Nobility

Ch. Blizzard of Pribardom

Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit

Ch. Nobility From Zandy With Love

Moonspell Motivation

Vilmorin Dramatisation

Ch. Desborough Dramatist at Allhiker

Vilmorin Just Imagine

Allhikers Joyance with Moonspell

Pipadene Impulse

Vilmorin Felicitation by Allhiker

Ch. Nobility Zinderella Zandy

Wsgr.Ch. Charncroft Caleb

Charncroft Cloverglen

Charncroft Copper Surprise

Ch. Glamour Gladys the Nobility

Ch. Beach Boy the Nobility

Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom