Ch.Nobility X-tra Cool  

Ch. Orora`s Stevie Wonder

Ch. Potterdale Just William

Ch. Pepperland Lyric John at Potterdale

Wishanger Buttertubs Pass by Quinbury


Pepperland Pandamonium


Ch. Potterdale Prelude

Ch. Potterdale Philosopher


Ch. Tamevalley Easter Song of Potterdale


Ch. Orora`s Chalcedony

Ch. Desborough Dramatist at Allhiker

Ch. Sammara Standing Ovation


Ch. Shilstone Minuet of Desborough


Ch. Chriscaro Chrystal at Orora

Ch. Orora`s Frank


Lincalder Wild Thyme at Chriscaro


Ch. Nobility Kisses to Kelly

Ch. Seagull Sweeps the Board

Ch. Potterdale Philosopher

Ch. Orora`s Frank


Ch. Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale


Melancholy Beauty of Dearbolt

Ch. Dearbolt Lord Snooty


Deanfield The Wild Alliance


Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom

Ch. Beagold Bruin Scott

Ch. Edenborough Star Turn at Beagold


Beagold Pennyroyal


Ch. First Blue Star Lady of Pribardom

Ch. Mitchell`s Barney


Ch. Beagold Emma Jean