Ch.Nobility Coffy Bay
Ch. Nobility O`Connor
Ch. Pahari L`the Pagan Ch. Sammra`s Night Cap Ch. Potterdale Philosopher
Willowmead Simply Super
Ch. Sunbree Special Moments of Pahari Charncroft Caradoc
Brambledale Beersheba
Nobility Hurdy the Highness Ch. Dearbolt Christopher Robin Ch. Orora`s Impetuosity
Dearbolt Lady Cordelia
Ch. Easy Expression the Nobility Ch. Blizzard of Pribardom
Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit
Dt.Jch. Nobility I`m the I-Point
Ch. Seagull Sweeps the Board Ch. Potterdale Philosopher Ch. Orora`s Frank
Ch. Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale
Melancholy Beauty of Dearbolt CH. Dearbolt Lord Snooty
Deanfield The Wild Alliance
Ch. Ducky Delila the Nobility Ch. Beach Boy the Nobility Ch. Dearbolt Christopher Robin
Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit
Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom Ch. Beagold Bruin Scott
Ch. First Blue Star Lady of Pribardom