Nobility L-Wurf


Ch. Nobility X-tra Cool

Ch. Orora`s Stevie Wonder

Ch. Potterdale Just William

Ch. Pepperland Lyric John at Potterdale

Ch. Potterdale Prelude

Ch. Orora`s Chalcedony

Ch. Desborough Dramatist at Allhiker

Ch. Chriscaro Chrystal at Orora

Ch. Nobility Kisses to Kelly

Ch. Seagull Sweeps the Board

Ch. Potterdale Philosopher

Melancholy Beauty of Dearbolt

Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom

Ch. Beagold Bruin Scott

Ch. First Blue Star Lady of Pribardom

Jch. Nobility Evershine So Pearly

Jch. Essandsee Off The Peg

Ch. Moonhill Does It In Style

Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie

Ch. Moonhill Classy Business

Darkwater Diamond Lil at Essandsee

Ch. Binbusy Grieg at Darkwater

Darkwater Dinah Might

Nobility Shawny my Showgirl

Nobility Keegan the Kicker

Ch. Seagull Sweeps the Board

Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom

Eyecatching Lucy the Nobility

Ch. Blizzard of Pribardom

Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit


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